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Connecticut is small in stature but it still has 3 million plus people, and an even bigger senior living presence. It has enjoyed moderate growth over the last few decades.

Why look for assisted living in Connecticut?

The northeast has long been one of the top options for seniors that are not interested in the warm weather of Florida or Texas. The esteemed healthcare system guarantees only the best treatment for a variety of elderly needs.

Due to the high-quality healthcare, many senior citizens want to reside in assisted living facilities in Connecticut though it does come with a steep price. It’s statewide average of over $4,700 per month is about $1,000 more than the nationwide average.

However, many older adults consider that a tiny price to pay for great healthcare and outstanding scenery. Connecticut is also smaller than nearby New York and New Jersey, which are also both more expensive than Connecticut for assisted living.

Connecticut Assisted Living - Cost

The Top 5 Most Affordable Cities for Assisted Living in Connecticut per month:

  1. Bridgeport, CT - $4,240         
  2. Waterbury, CT - $4,240
  3. West Haven, CT - $4,375         
  4. Meriden, CT - $4,385         
  5. Torrington, CT - $4,570

The Top 5 Most Expensive Cities for Assisted Living in Connecticut monthly:

  1. Darien, CT - $5,970
  2. Wilton, CT - $5,770         
  3. Ridgefield, CT - $5,640
  4. Brookfield, CT - $5,485         
  5. Trumbull, CT - $5,470

The Top 5 Most Affordable Counties in Connecticut for Assisted Living per month:

  1. New London County - $4,900
  2. Middlesex County - $4,830         
  3. New Haven County - $4,735
  4. Litchfield County - $4,570
  5. Windham County - $4,565

The Top 3 most Expensive Counties in Connecticut for Assisted Living:

  1. Fairfield County - $5,210         
  2. Hartford County - $5,075
  3. New London County - $4,900

Types of Assisted Living Available in Connecticut

Connecticut has a number of prestigious assisted living centers with many providing photographs as well as virtual tours so you can get a phenomenal idea of what you need for a loved one.

Testimonials have proven that residents applaud all of the services provided at CT assisted living facilities and centers (which are different based on number of residents housed there). They are grouped together in what the state defines as “congregate housing”.

Paying for Assisted Living in Connecticut

The Home Care Program for the Elderly covers expenses related to congregate housing in Connecticut. The program is part of Connecticut’s Medicaid program if you are wondering where to find more information on the financial assistance.

Another Medicaid program known as the Connecticut Assisted Living Program is available for congregate housing, while Adult Family Living helps with expenses associated with adult foster care.

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