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Hawaii has a population of well over 1 million and continues to grow, though at a much slower pace than the remainder of the continental United States. Hawaii has a far higher population and growth rate compared to Alaska, its non-continental sibling.

Why look for assisted living in Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the entire United States. While many older adults only dream of living here, for some seniors they make it their home in retirement.

Once it no longer is feasible for the family member to live on their own, the rest of the family (who may or may not be still located in the continental U.S.) may have to rely on assisted living much more thoroughly.

Along with the warmest climate and most mild winter of any other state in America, Hawaii elderly care homes allow loved ones to live a life in luxury in a senior living complex where their health and daily lifestyle are assisted and monitored.

Hawaii Assisted Living - Cost

The Most Affordable Cities/Towns/Islands for Assisted Living in Hawaii per month are:

  1. Lihue, HI - $4,110   
  2. Honolulu, HI - $4,460        
  3. Kailua, HI - $4,540
  4. Kapolei, HI - $4,545

The Most Affordable Counties in Hawaii for Assisted Living per month:

  1. Kauai County - $4,115
  2. Honolulu County - $4,505

Types of Assisted Living Available in Hawaii

Hawaii is a little more limited in terms of selection of senior care homes and complexes compared to the rest of the United States. The series of islands are small and the interior is remote, which means a good portion of the facilities are located in the capital of Honolulu.

However, a fair portion of assisted living facilities are also located in Lihue (also the cheapest reported city based on monthly price), Kailua and Kapolei.

The types and services offered at these senior living units are diverse. Along with comfortable and lavish living quarters, elderly residents are treated to some of the services one would expect at a nursing home, though in a far more private and pleasant setting.
Staff can assist with daily living functions (eating, dressing, bathing, toileting) while also providing education and exercise programs ran by supervised staff, housekeeping, religious services and more.

Paying for Assisted Living in Hawaii

Hawaii provides Med-QUEST, a part of the U.S. Medicaid system, that can cover a number of advanced types of senior care complexes like assisted living.
Adult Foster Care also offers aid for individuals seeking residence in small, home-like living settings.

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58 Senior Assisted Living Facilities in Hawaii

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