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Why look for assisted living in South Dakota?

South Dakota has 850,000+ residents and not significant growth compared to the rest of the states in America. It does, however, have more residents than North Dakota as well as Wyoming. South Dakota is known for its rugged and remote landscape. Home of Mount Rushmore, it the state rarely gets discussed in national conversations yet is undervalued for senior living.

South Dakota is very tax-friendly which is always a major bonus for retired seniors that must also deal with social security tax and potential inheritance tax. Seniors pay less here than in many other states in the west for taxes.

It bodes well for the overall cost of living. South Dakota currently ranks within the Top 15 for most affordable states for assisted living. Only Michigan and Indiana have cheaper average monthly costs within the vicinity of South Dakota.

South Dakota Assisted Living - Cost

The Top 3 Most Affordable Cities for Assisted Living in South Dakota per month:

  1. Spearfish, SD - $3,625
  2. Rosholt, SD - $3,860
  3. Sioux Falls, SD - $3,870

The Top 3 Most Affordable Counties in South Dakota for Assisted Living per month:

  1. Lawrence County - $3,630
  2. Roberts County - $3,865
  3. Minnehaha County - $3,875

Types of Assisted Living Available in South Dakota

What are the types of assisted living available in the Mount Rushmore State? We have broken down some of the most common kinds:

South Dakota assisted living facilities: They provide personal care and general supervision yet in a much more low-key living environment. Often these homes are reduced to 20 or less beds.

South Dakota residential care facilities: Similar to an assisted living facility in size, only residential care institutions may also provide beds for temporarily housing, yet not in a hospital setting.

South Dakota assisted living centers: The largest complexes available for assisted living, usually consisting of between 20 and 50 rooms. The facilities are far bigger yet also have more opportunities for entertainment and activities offered through the living center.

Assisted living centers, facilities and residential care institutions located in South Dakota may all provide some form of directed care services, personal care, and/or supervisory care.

Standard amenities include daily meal prep and servings, private dining areas (for when families visit), entertainment facilities like a day use area or fitness center, laundry services and assistance with transport to and from the facility.

Paying for Assisted Living in South Dakota

The HCBS Waiver for the Elderly has transformed into the HOPE Waiver. It helps provide coverage for living expenses and care related to assisted living in South Dakota.

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