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Why look for assisted living in Texas?

Texas has a population that is nearing 30 million individuals, which designates it as the second largest state in the U.S. behind California (40 million people). For comparison, New York City has approximately 8.6 million residents. Texas practically sells itself. Along with Florida and California, when you ask your typical senior where they could spend their retirement if they had their pick, most will tell you one of the three aforementioned states.

Among other things, Texas has three things going for it 1) affordable senior housing, 2) excellent variety in all types of elderly care and 3) its low taxes.

The state is far more affordable than California for senior living costs of any type, and very comparable for Florida. Health care is also reasonably priced in Texas, which is a major selling point.

Furthermore, its tax system reflects Florida (no state tax), as both states encourage retirees to relocate, since traditionally taxes impact the elderly more than younger people.

Texas has something for everyone, with big metro areas in Dallas and Houston, highly desirable suburbs, midsize markets (San Antonio, Lubbock), and more rural parts in the northern half of the state.

Lastly, the climate is reasonable, with average temperatures of 43 degrees in the winter and 95 degrees in the summer.

Texas Assisted Living - Cost

The Top 5 Most Affordable Cities for Assisted Living in Texas per month:

  1. Lancaster, TX - $1,930
  2. Highlands, TX - $2,140
  3. Jourdanton, TX - $2,410
  4. Stephenville, TX - $2,465
  5. Alvin, TX - $2,570

The Top 5 Most Expensive Cities for Assisted Living in Texas:

  1. Southlake, TX - $5,190
  2. Georgetown, TX - $4,770
  3. Lakeway, TX - $4,745
  4. Needville, TX - $4,500
  5. Henderson, TX - $4,365

The Top 5 Most Affordable Counties in Texas for Assisted Living per month:

  1. Newton County - $1,605
  2. Comanche County - $1,980
  3. Atascosa County - $2,410
  4. Duval County - $2,410
  5. Duval County - $2,410

The Top 5 Most Expensive Counties in Texas for Assisted Living:

  1. Williamson County - $4,350
  2. Rusk County - $4,365
  3. Martin County - $4,440
  4. Martin County - $4,440
  5. Cass County - $4,465

Types of Assisted Living Available in Texas

In such a large space with a fantastic mixture of big, medium and small communities, you would expect to find all variations of assisted living and that is clearly true of Texas.

While Florida is a phenomenal state for senior care, it simply cannot stack up to the variety of California and Texas in terms of selection and variety of assisted living facilities, given their massive size.

Paying for Assisted Living in Texas

Texas has a program called STAR PLUS that is under its Medicaid system that helps with assisted living or other types of elderly care. Please note the cost of room and board is not included under STAR PLUS financial help, which is unfortunate.

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