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West Virginia is one of the smaller states in the south both in land area and population. It has less than 2 million people and its growth has flatlined over the last several decades.

Why look for assisted living in West Virginia?

Because it is extremely affordable for senior living. In fact, West Virginia is the most affordable state in the nation for assisted living. All of the other 49 states in America fall behind West Virginia based on the average monthly cost for a room. There is literally no other state that compares.

Exactly how cheap is West Virginia for assisted living?

The average unit costs a little over $3,300 per month. To compare, the national average is $4,000 with recent numbers climbing to be above that number per month for many states.

Rooms can get even more affordable in West Virginia than the statewide average, as the lowest ten percent of assisted living housing is closer to $2,000 per month.

West Virginia Assisted Living - Cost

The Top 5 Most Affordable Cities for Assisted Living in West Virginia per month:

  1. Oak Hill, WV - $3,295
  2. Rupert, WV - $3,305
  3. Grafton, WV - $3,395
  4. Kingwood, WV - $3,395
  5. Elkins, WV - $3,415

The Top 5 Most Expensive Cities for Assisted Living in West Virginia:

  1. Scott Depot, WV - $3,960
  2. Bridgeport, WV - $3,840
  3. Charleston, WV - $3,580
  4. Barboursville, WV - $3,485
  5. Parkersburg, WV - $3,475

The Top 5 Most Affordable Counties in West Virginia for Assisted Living per month:

  1. Greenbrier County - $3,305
  2. Fayette County - $3,310
  3. Preston County - $3,390
  4. Taylor County - $3,390
  5. Randolph County - $3,415

The Top 5 Most Expensive Counties in West Virginia for Assisted Living:

  1. Putnam County - $3,965
  2. Harrison County - $3,835
  3. Kanawha County - $3,535
  4. Cabell County - $3,485
  5. Marion County - $3,480

Types of Assisted Living Available in West Virginia

West Virginia has incredible rates for all types of senior housing including assisted living centers. The state is smaller in size so it does lack the abundance of facilities like other states have to offer.

Despite the more limited selection, waiting lists are still not that common so finding a room is usually not extraordinarily difficult.

Types of units include basic rooms in a residential care institution or facility, as well as more apartment-style homes as part of a larger assisted living center or senior living community.

Paying for Assisted Living in West Virginia

While West Virginia does have the best prices for monthly assisted living costs, it also has a waiver for those still needing financial assistance.

The Medicaid Personal Care option can help finance the costs for personal care, yet unfortunately it does not cover the room at a senior living facility, as it only covers the directed care provided there.

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